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I was very skeptical at first but when i bought they gave me the info in 30 minutes! Came with level 590 and 1 billion dollars not even that but pretty far in story mode!

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Great service! Definitely recommend!!

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100% legit and super nice guy! Definitely trustworthy! Took him like 5 mins, super fast.

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Excellent service!


Communication was prompt and courteous, service was fast and well worth the money . I highly encourage anyone sitting on the fence.
got to level 130 AND the unlocks, AND over 100 million dollars. I took the leap of faith and let them use my account, took less than 10 mins. And it was done. 🙂

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Honestly when I first decided to purchase a modded gta account I was a pretty nervous and didn't know what to expect. I thought there was a big chance that I was going to get scammed or something. Not only did I recieve my account that was fully leveled with billions of dollars, emptypath was also very quick to respond to messages and very helpful with the buying process. So if you're going to buy a modded account or get modding services then gtamodders is the way.

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Had some doubts at first, but all is good. Messaged on discord and got in like 10 mins. Thank you so much!

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DEmonne #9485

100% legit modder, fast and hassle free transaction. Excellent service, anyone having second thoughts, this is the review you’ve been waiting for!

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Joel Medina


You did great! You were fast and responsive. I will recommend your services to anyone I know. You rock!

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Hey everyone, this honestly was a great choice. I think what rockstar charges for their currency is ridiculous. It's why I looked online to find ways to upgrade my character and my bank account. I also don't have much time in my real life to grind enough to buy what I'd like. I found this discord server a couple weeks ago and it took me awhile to convince myself to get a package. I was really sketched out about having to go through the process of getting my account fixed up but @ark the mod took care of everything and was really chill throughout the process. Take a chance and get a package. It can definitely be a bit scary to give up some info for things but in the end, everything went smoothly... Now I can actually enjoy playing gta instead of worrying about the grind.

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Was a bit reluctant at first, but its definitely legit.
Got everything i asked and paid for, and even got a small bonus, totally worth the money, might as well come again for more purchases.
Vade is a real one❤️

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Trial pack worth it


I recommend it, I got a response fast and delivery's its fast it only took like 10 mins.

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actually helped me get leveled up and gave me a ton of money, you can 100% trust this guy, and the prices are not expensive either, very much appreciate it!

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