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Will GTA 6 be moddable?

With recent announcements of more development of GTA 6, Modders have come to question whether the New Grand Theft Auto will allow the well known modding community to thrive. Most suspect that Rockstar Games will be developing great measures on ANTI-Cheat and ANTI-mod systems to stop gamers from exploiting mod menus. Recently In GTA-V, Take-Two (The anti-cheat team for GTA) has been more harsh on modders, banning many modders. A large portion of the GTA community seems to think that this wave of bans is indicative of Rockstar being more protective of the property because of something related to the next Grand Theft Auto. Others think that this could mean a possible remake or remaster could be on the horizon, and that's why the older mods are being suddenly taken down. At this time, we've got nothing but questions, but we're interested in seeing if there is a bigger reason behind the renewed fervor.

This is what GTA youtuber Dropped had to say - "It'll probably be the same as GTA V modding. Not allowed in online but story mode is fine. I don't see them taking it away after the huge amounts of money they've made from people buying the game just to play FiveM.


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