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Is GTA Modding Worth it?

  • In this article, we discuss GTA modding, what it is, why its popular, and where to find the right mods. GTA is one the most played games in the world. Due to its open-world style, the players love to wander all over the cities, steal cars, initiate missions, and much more. Its been more than 5 years since the game was released and is still played by millions of players worldwide. But there's just one problem, Its too grindy. Most players don't enjoy the boring, long hours of work needed just to enjoy the luxury of a new apartment, weapon or car.

A Modded GTA account from
A Modded GTA account from

Thanks to programmers they have added additional features that still make the game interesting and worth playing, like modding your GTA account. This allows you to skip the constant pain of having to redo heists over and over again to farm RP and Cash. By getting your account modded you can instantly get whatever rank you want and however much money you like. Many people think that this is not safe, but as a Modder for over 6 years, I can tell you this isn't true. You see there are many fake or bad "modders" out there who use free menus they get on YouTube ,and those guys can get you banned, But there is a select few coders who have made their own high end, quality mod menus that are undetectable to GTA. This means that you can't get banned.

Mod menus and modded accounts have changed the game for many people, and it makes GTA so a whole new experience. But where do you go to start? There is a GTA modding community on Reddit you can find here, where modders discuss the latest menus, patches, best modding websites.. etc or you can always go to the #1 source for GTA modding, menus and information. Where they offer cheap, legitimate services with thousands of reviews. So what's the verdict? GTA has been modded for years, and is easy fun and relativity safe as long as you find the right source to get menus or your account modded to protect your account. So go for it and enjoy the awesome world of GTA-O Modded.

"You get to roam Los Santos with infinite money, levels and stats. Its just crazy and so much fun." - Dropped (GTA Youtuber). "I've played GTA legit and played GTA with a modded account, I choose modded everytime." - VenomPlayz (Youtuber).
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